All About Snowboard Sizing

The perfect place to learn quickly all about snowboard sizing!

Everything you need to know about snowboard sizing! before you buy a board!

Here you will get alot of good info on what board size would be best for you…

A couple of things to think about are.. your weight… body type… your age and whether you might grow in size if you are a fast growing kid or maybe even shrink in size/lose weight from all the exercise you are gonna get from snowboarding!!

The first general rule for snowboard sizing…This rule says that if you stand your snowboard up, that your board tip should be between your nose and your chin…

This is a general rule that works for mostly taller thinner riders…It does NOT take into account your abilities or the type of riding you plan to do… But its a good start!

The second rule for snowboard sizing is that if you weigh a 100 lbs(45 kg)…then your board length should be about 140 cm…..Then for every 20 lbs(9 kg) heavier or lighter you add or subtract 5 cm…

An example is if you weigh 140 lbs (63 kg)…then your board should be about 150 cm……in length……this works up to about 212 lbs (100 kg aprox) which means you would be riding a board about 165 cm.

If you weigh more than 212 lbs you probably don’t want to go much longer, then you can go with a wider and or stiffer snowboard…

Now if you are alot lighter say 60 lbs …then its time to go with the first rule and size your board based on your height….

Don’t forget that if you are a taller thinner rider, it’s a good idea to look for a board thats softer and narrower as they will take less weight and effort to manuever…

You can also use this chart as a another way to determine snowboard sizes
but keep in mind the above rules too !

Board Width

Board width is very important too,as well as the overall length in selecting the right board for you. A board that is too narrow for a snowboarder’s boot will cause toe and heel drag. With a board that’s too wide, the boarder will not be able to put enough pressure on the toe and heel edge,making for a unresponsive ride.

Some snowboarders with big feet use lifters/spacers under the bindings to get their feet above the snow so they dont drag their heels or toes when turning….Its not so important in powder, but it’s alot more important if you ride groomed runs or hard snow conditions or are into the race or speed aspect and want to ride a narrow style board…..
MAKE SURE you tell anybody who is advising you on snowboard sizing… your shoe/boot size so they know to account for width too!!!!!