Shopping for Burton Snowboard Bags – The Choices for You

Burton snowboard bags Having Burton snowboard bags is quite necessary for anyone who decides snowboarding as his or her winter sports. Burton snowboard bags offer you a lot of advantages, especially with the fact that the companies and the trademark of Burton is famous for their reputation in snowboarding sport.

Most snowboarders often choose their snowboard needs with Burton’s products, including Burton snowboard bags.

So, what if you need some kinds of snowboarding gear? Don’t worry, there are so many choices with Burton’s products out there. Before purchasing Burton snowboard bags, however, you should pay more attention for there are a few retailers in particular that offer these stuffs. You’d better check out the details and the choices for you to know.

The Snowboards for Sale Company: One of the Best

Yes, if you look for one of the best Burton snowboard bags, you may want to check for The Snowboards for Sale Company. With their products, you will be able to protect your snowboard in style with one of their Burton snowboard bags. Besides snowboard bags, you can as well find gloves, pads, bindings, boards, helmets, goggles and more.

Pro Board Shop for Saving Cost

So you think you need to save your budget for something else. Why don’t you get your Burton bags at the Pro Board Shop. Here they carry a vast and comprehensive selection of Burton snowboard bags. You can also find a variety of sizes so no matter if you are a man, woman or child. You will be able to find the perfect bag for you.

Pro Board Shop are recognized for being the leading snowboard company on the Web for Burton bags and other snowboarding gear, and all the snowboard brands that they offer are in stock for next day shipment with great savings.

They have been in the game for over twenty years now. So, they definitely have the experience and expertise that you need to feel safe with. They have a confident and well trained staff who’ll always be willing to offer you valuable information and answer any questions that you may have.

Other than Burton snowboard bags, you can also get Burton snowboard packages with various terrific choices out here. You will be able to choose tickets and resort stay at various resorts from all around the world.

Well, all in all, make sure where you want to go with all of your snowboard package before you decide on the one you want to go with.

Snowboard Packages Quick and Easy Info!

Excellent info for beginners on the BEST snowboard packages available where you can check out the shops that carry them!

After lots of talking to my snowboarding school buddies and searching the net. I have found some of the best packages out there are always found starting September on into December…

The news is that most of the good snowboard packages get sold out fast because they get scooped early in the season…

If you want a good package deal shop early like before Thanksgiving and take advantage of the early season with lower lift prices and resort deals…

But first lets look at what makes good snowboard packages and you can learn what are some of the PROS and the CONS of buying snowboard packages.

Some of the PROS are that you can get a whole set of gear for a good price that has been matched by the best in the business. They know what boards, boots and bindings will work together well.

You often get a really good reasonable price for packages as the shop selling them makes out well…They sold 3 items instead of one or two.

Now lets look at the CONS of snowboard packages…The biggest problem is a cosmetic one only…..This means that the selection of colors is limited with the shops selling only one or two color or style choices.

Another CON is the limited range of sizes in boards, boots and bindings. If you can find the right sizes , then you are pretty average size. But if you are on the small side or large side it will be more difficult to locate a good snowboard package deal that will fit you…

Another good option is find stores where you can build your own package…check out Fog below…

It is important to get the right size equipment, especially the snowboard and boots…Sometimes the bindings like flow bindings can be adjusted to fit a next size down or up. But don’t buy a large size binding if you have a small size boot and expect to adjust to fit…A medium size binding is much more likely to be adjusted to fit either a larger or smaller boot size.

You should check out the section on SNOWBOARD SIZING to get schooled before buying your gear…

ALSO check out the SNOWBOARD BOOTS PAGE and SNOWBOARD BINDINGS PAGE to get schooled in most everything you need to learn about snowboard boots and bindings BEFORE you buy!

When you get finished with those three sections you should know a lot more than you do now….So check out those three sections and then jump on back here to check out the snowboard packages that are available…Keep in mind that most of the online shops also have excellent online help and sizing guides to make it easier for you to get sized and get your gear ordered easily…This goes for snowboards,boots, bindings, clothing helmets and even other stuff like gloves.etc…

Third Session Kitesurfing in Mui ne

Hi, I’m always enjoy the snowboarding and skiing in winter but the summer what do i do? The kitesurfing is also my passion and below is the detail of my journey about kitesurfing in Mui ne at the third Session.

Throughout the day I was debating whether to have a session or not because the wind conditions were fairly borderline. I decided to go for a late afternoon/evening session with the tide coming in.

There were quite a few of us out and the wind was the same direction as it had been all week – cross-on shore, going out to the left. Today it was much weaker though so we were struggling to keep upwind. We all ended up in the corner squashed up next to the surfers on different types of surfing boards who weren’t overly happy!

The session was fairly average however I had a slight problem where I bent down to let the water out of my wetsuit and some how the bar twisted itself around the de-power rope.

The kite began to loop fully powered up and without hesitation I popped the safety release which releases the kite onto the fifth line and supposedly 100% de-powers it…

however because my bar had got twisted around my lines and de-power rope it only managed to go a small amount of distance up the fifth line! This left the kite still looping and it slightly powered up! Luckily though it wasn’t enough to pull me over and I managed to pull against it on my leash until another kitesurfer ran over to grab the kite and my kiteboard.

This was the first time that something like this had ever happened to me and I think that it happened because there wasn’t enough air in my kite. I have had a really slow puncture in it for a few weeks now and it hasn’t caused me a problem – it’s still been solid after each session but this time it obviously had leaked more and ended up doing this…

however I reckon loads of air probably came out when the kite was looping on the fifth line. This is something that could have ended up being extremely dangerous to me and other people if I had hesitated in popping the release!

After this I reset my lines and re-pumped up my kite and went for a couple more runs before packing up and heading back to the chalet.

All About Snowboard Sizing

The perfect place to learn quickly all about snowboard sizing!

Everything you need to know about snowboard sizing! before you buy a board!

Here you will get alot of good info on what board size would be best for you…

A couple of things to think about are.. your weight… body type… your age and whether you might grow in size if you are a fast growing kid or maybe even shrink in size/lose weight from all the exercise you are gonna get from snowboarding!!

The first general rule for snowboard sizing…This rule says that if you stand your snowboard up, that your board tip should be between your nose and your chin…

This is a general rule that works for mostly taller thinner riders…It does NOT take into account your abilities or the type of riding you plan to do… But its a good start!

The second rule for snowboard sizing is that if you weigh a 100 lbs(45 kg)…then your board length should be about 140 cm…..Then for every 20 lbs(9 kg) heavier or lighter you add or subtract 5 cm…

An example is if you weigh 140 lbs (63 kg)…then your board should be about 150 cm……in length……this works up to about 212 lbs (100 kg aprox) which means you would be riding a board about 165 cm.

If you weigh more than 212 lbs you probably don’t want to go much longer, then you can go with a wider and or stiffer snowboard…

Now if you are alot lighter say 60 lbs …then its time to go with the first rule and size your board based on your height….

Don’t forget that if you are a taller thinner rider, it’s a good idea to look for a board thats softer and narrower as they will take less weight and effort to manuever…

You can also use this chart as a another way to determine snowboard sizes
but keep in mind the above rules too !

Board Width

Board width is very important too,as well as the overall length in selecting the right board for you. A board that is too narrow for a snowboarder’s boot will cause toe and heel drag. With a board that’s too wide, the boarder will not be able to put enough pressure on the toe and heel edge,making for a unresponsive ride.

Some snowboarders with big feet use lifters/spacers under the bindings to get their feet above the snow so they dont drag their heels or toes when turning….Its not so important in powder, but it’s alot more important if you ride groomed runs or hard snow conditions or are into the race or speed aspect and want to ride a narrow style board…..
MAKE SURE you tell anybody who is advising you on snowboard sizing… your shoe/boot size so they know to account for width too!!!!!