Journey Updated

GP recap

Some great days here in Monaco during the GP. Y0u never know where you end up and what you’ll experience but it’s always crazy… Some of the best stuff we did this year; Van Dutch boat shuttles, jetskiing with a awesome Russian of his Yacht, lounging at the Energy Station, Partying with the whole Red Bull crew and with the GP winner Webber

Monaco GP

I just arrived in Monaco and it feels nice to be in a warm place for once. Last week I was up in Riksgränsen and watched the guys and gals competing in the Scandinavian Big Mt Champs. It was sunny and nice but since I cant compete due to my back injury it wasn’t too cool to hang out in a ski resort. The comp as good however and Wille Lindberg took home the victory for his third time. Impressive skiing! Newcomer Evelina Nilsson took home her first victory after her first big mt start, with that type of skiing she will get way more wins!

Running into a tree

Little Loui chased a friend and didn’t see that tree coming. We thought we needed to sew his cheek but it was fine with just tape. It was bleeding like crazy at first but then it stoped. It’s not easy to tell a two year old that his wound needs to be cleaned and the doctors are nice.. He held it together pretty well I would say..

A couple of days with Peak Performance in Italy

We had a great week in Italy. Even though it’s been super warm and no new snow in over one month in the western part of the Alpes this year, we still scored some good snow when flying and got up high. Amazing to come down from the mountains and just walk around in t-shirt in the town. It was like 20 degrees the whole week and blue skies. The best part of this trip was, despite all the good food, amazing private lodge, heli and all that was to see my girlfriend and son for the first time in almost one month. I can’t describe how good it felt to see Loui after such a long time and see how happy he was to see my, that hug I got was the best one I ever got..

Salomon team gathering

Went to Annecy and La Clusaz for a week of meetings and testing of new products. Really interesting to see what the wizards of Salomon has come up with. The new ski line is sick and the new boots are the future! It was also amazing to test all new bindings and experience the different what just small adjustments can do.

We also went for a big touring day, the backcountry in La Clusaz is great, easy climbs of 300-500 meters and cool terrain to ski down. and you can go through several valleys without any hazzle. We had 20cm of pow and bluebird, sweet.