Third Session Kitesurfing in Mui ne

Hi, I’m always enjoy the snowboarding and skiing in winter but the summer what do i do? The kitesurfing is also my passion and below is the detail of my journey about kitesurfing in Mui ne at the third Session.

Throughout the day I was debating whether to have a session or not because the wind conditions were fairly borderline. I decided to go for a late afternoon/evening session with the tide coming in.

There were quite a few of us out and the wind was the same direction as it had been all week – cross-on shore, going out to the left. Today it was much weaker though so we were struggling to keep upwind. We all ended up in the corner squashed up next to the surfers on different types of surfing boards who weren’t overly happy!

The session was fairly average however I had a slight problem where I bent down to let the water out of my wetsuit and some how the bar twisted itself around the de-power rope.

The kite began to loop fully powered up and without hesitation I popped the safety release which releases the kite onto the fifth line and supposedly 100% de-powers it…

however because my bar had got twisted around my lines and de-power rope it only managed to go a small amount of distance up the fifth line! This left the kite still looping and it slightly powered up! Luckily though it wasn’t enough to pull me over and I managed to pull against it on my leash until another kitesurfer ran over to grab the kite and my kiteboard.

This was the first time that something like this had ever happened to me and I think that it happened because there wasn’t enough air in my kite. I have had a really slow puncture in it for a few weeks now and it hasn’t caused me a problem – it’s still been solid after each session but this time it obviously had leaked more and ended up doing this…

however I reckon loads of air probably came out when the kite was looping on the fifth line. This is something that could have ended up being extremely dangerous to me and other people if I had hesitated in popping the release!

After this I reset my lines and re-pumped up my kite and went for a couple more runs before packing up and heading back to the chalet.

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